How To Effectively Safeguard Your Snowflake Bottom Line

 Take action now and prevent wasteful cloud expenditures

Runaway queries are troublesome for any organization because they consume vast amounts of resources with potentially significant financial implications. 

With RunAway, you can explore your environment’s long-running queries in Tableau, set up Slack alerts, and collaborate with query owners to guard against wasteful cloud expenditures.

In this FREE on-demand webinar you will:
  • Understand the problem of runaway queries in Snowflake and why they are so hard to detect
  • Discover how Slack applications have made critical business actions possible within the flow of your work
  • Learn about a cost-effective tool that detects and kills problem queries safely and effectively
  • Explore the integration between the RunAway tool and Tableau
  • Examine the architecture of the RunAway solution



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