How to Build a Resilient
Supply Chain

And Gain Immediate Visibility to ALL Supply Chain Data

Real-time visibility will remain at the core of supply chain success but it’s not your only concern for 2022. 

In this webinar we will:
  • Show you how to achieve immediate, full visibility to supply chain data without IT involvement
  • Examine the factors that make up a resilient supply chain
  • Identify how to create an agile supply chain
  • Pinpoint effective ways to manage supply chain shifts


Event Speakers


Brian Guarnero
Supply Chain Executive, CoEnterprise

Supply Chain Executive with 20-plus years of expertise in supply chain transformation, organizational resilience, risk management, and compliance. Brian has counseled global companies on industry-leading best practices and emerging technology solutions around the constant evolution of supply chain. He has led transformative implementations throughout his career at Sterling Commerce, IBM, FourKites, and CoEnterprise.

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