Building a Supply Chain Visibility Plan to Improve Financial Performance

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Addressing supply chain inefficiencies has never been more mission critical than today:

  • Companies typically lose 1% of revenues to chargebacks and late payments alone
  • Only 6% say they have full visibility into their supply chains

It’s imperative that companies develop the capability to preempt problems and accelerate decision-making. More effective supply chain visibility platforms are the first step. However, many technology implementations stumble along the way as they seek to normalize data across disparate departments, systems and even various vendor platforms.

This webinar will address how to solve those challenges quickly and cost-effectively, as well as cover the five pillars of performance that every supply chain visibility program needs to have.

Supply Chain Visibility – it was always supposed to be this easy.

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Brian Guarnero

Brian Guarnero
Supply Chain Executive, CoEnterprise

Featured Speaker

Brian Guarnero of CoEnterprise, the industry’s leading supply chain visibility technology partner, will share best practices in building robust visibility platforms from leading CPG and Food/Beverage enterprises. Brian has led transformative implementations throughout his career at Sterling Commerce, IBM, FourKites, and now CoEnterprise.