- Complimentary COVID-19 Tableau Dashboards - 

#1 - Supply Chain & Inventory Management Monitoring.

#2 - Location Opening & Ongoing Monitoring.

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Complimentary Access to COVID-19 Dashboards

In partnership with Tableau, we've designed two dashboards to help you better analyze the impact of COVID-19 on your business. Complete the brief form to download the two dashboards for your own manipulation. 

#1 - Supply Chain & Inventory Management Monitoring

  • Get Greater Insight into Your Supply Chain & Closely Monitor Your Inventory Levels.

    Are you struggling to get a good 360 degree overview of your supply chain and inventory levels? Are you unsure of which products are in high demand and whether you can meet that demand?

    Our supply chain and inventory level monitoring dashboard is your answer!

    • Seamlessly monitor and track high demand goods across your stores and warehouses by geography
    • Know when your next shipment is due
    • Understand your inventory growth over a specific timeframe
    • Track On-time delivery and inventory growth KPIs
    • Drill down into individual product lines and understand if you can keep up with the demand

    Why is this dashboard important to retailers?

    This dashboard is designed to show how data can be used to pivot quickly and smartly to meet changing demands while continuing to monitor your potential supply chain impact and inventory levels. Easily see how COVID-19 may impact your business and inventory levels.

COE_supply chain inventory management_retail


#2 - Location Opening & Ongoing Monitoring Dashboard

As COVID Cases continue to climb it is imperative that any business that has locations have local information at their fingertips.  The ability to monitor the COVID case status and readiness of each of your locations will have these direct impacts on your business:

  • Enable you to quickly respond to COVID/location changes
  • Ensure customer/employee safety
  • Avoid location disruptions
  • Maximize the profitability of your business

How will this dashboard help you? You’ll get greater visibility into:

  • COVID cases by county
  • Each locations readiness to open
  • Status of supplies by location
  • Status of COVID requirements / activities by store

Back to Business Dashboard_Updated 7.8.20

The dashboard is connected to the Tableau COVID-19 database as well as a business database listing that details required policy changes for company initiatives and guidelines from public health authorities.

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