How Migrating to Tableau Prep Builder Can Help You Cut Alteryx Spend by 40-60%, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce Headaches

Did you know there may be a costly blindspot within your Alteryx platform? There’s a good chance you may be wasting money on unused licenses, possess hundreds of undocumented workflows that are kept in silos or are paying for Alteryx licenses to complete jobs easily done in less expensive platforms that you already own. But how do you know? 

Join us on Wednesday, June 22nd at 2 PM ET as we shine a light on what areas you can reduce, what that savings is worth, and your organizational path to getting there.

Get ready to learn about:
  • Trends we’re seeing in the data prep world
  • Differences between Tableau Prep Builder and Alteryx
  • Why Prep Builder should be your default ETL tool
  • Understanding what ROI you will realize by migrating your Alteryx workload to Tableau
  • Why you may be paying way too much for your data preparation
  • Strategies for high-return consolidation 

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