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A Healthy Retail Operation

Syncrofy enables transparency, intelligence, and automation across your supply chain networks

Meet Customer Demand, Drive Business Growth, and Sustain Long-Term Success

  • Reduce revenue leakage by up to 30% due to late shipments, reduced stock-outs, and optimized inventory levels
  • Eliminate late payments to suppliers, saving an average of 2% on payments
  • Guarantee suppliers are paid on time, ensuring negotiated discounts (2% or more) while improving creditworthiness
  • Achieve an ROI of up to three times your initial investment

Bring All Multi-Enterprise Data Together Into One Platform

  • Create supplier performance scorecards, to achieve accurate, actionable, and more productive relationships with your suppliers
  • View your orders at the line-item level (acceptance, fill rates, lead times, short ships, over ships, change orders, advance ship notice status)
  • Receive SLA exception alerts leading to operational efficiency gains and risk avoidance


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Easily Administer and Manage Vendor Compliance Programs

  • Improve your receiving operations by 65%
  • Avoid missed sales opportunities and increase revenue by up to 35%
  • Forecast staffing and warehouse space requirements based on shipment arrivals
  • Speed up time-to-receive per shipment by 70%
  • Shorten the time between shipment arrival and goods being on shelves for purchase

Evaluate Your Suppliers to Facilitate an Accurate, Actionable, and Productive Supply Chain

  • Monitor shipments and inventory in real-time
  • Analyze trends to compare suppliers on fill rate, lead time, errors, and delays
  • View the full lifecycle of an order from purchase order to invoice to receipt of goods
  • Calculate fill rate and lead time for both orders and shipments, in total and for each line item
  • Identify discrepancies between orders, shipments, invoices, and receipt of goods

Collaborate With Internal and External Teams to Solve Discrepancies Faster

  • Communicate via order notes, document comments, and exceptions to answer AP-related questions and solve discrepancies.
  • Tag and share information through in-app push notifications and email alerts
  • Streamline your data deduction process, report and receive alerts when deductions are applicable to a given supplier
  • Automate your 3- and 4-way matching, apply chargebacks correctly, and reduce your overall costs in supporting your AP processes


Optimize Your EDI Management and Empower Self-Service Across All Departments

  • Reduce fines and chargebacks by 50% by providing real-time alerts and reporting
  • Drill down to find information by document number, username, or company
  • Get valuable time back to focus on mission-critical IT tasks
  • Build robust reports and dashboards based on your EDI data with just a few clicks
  • Cut down backlog by empowering users to search for data and answer questions independently
  • Maximize your team’s production by allocating resources to your most important projects

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