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A Look Back at 2020 and a Look Forward to 2021
Holding your suppliers accountable in 2021

There’s no denying it—2020 was a tumultuous year filled with rampant supply chain disruptions, coronavirus scares, and constant changes in between. 

Following the massive supply chain challenges for retailers, uncertainty still remains surrounding what to expect in 2021 and how to be innovative, transparent, and agile to achieve success. 

Watch our on-demand webinar replay to take a look back at 2020, see what 2021 has in store, and learn:

  • 2020 retail supply chain shifts and trends - what we now know going into 2021
  • Top five improvements to consider now and post-pandemic
  • How to plan ahead, pivot, and collaborate with ease and confidence
  • Why effective supply chain visibility is essential in 2021 and beyond
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