How much money are you losing with runaway queries? 

Take action to save your organization from wasted spend. Introducing RunAway, a CoEnterprise created, Slack Application built to quickly notify you of potential runaway queries in Snowflake. 

Excessively long-running, forgotten queries are troublesome for any organization because they consume vast amounts of resources with potentially significant financial implications.

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That's why we created RunAway

  • RunAway notifies you in Slack when a runaway query is in progress so you can take action in real-time.
  • Runaway queries are often buried in other reports, with CoEnterprise's dashboard, bring these to the front of the conversations
  • The cost of Runaway queries are rarely aggregated or looked at historically
  • Runaway queries are pure wasted spend, CoEnterprise has a solution allowing organizations to reign these costs in

If your organization is already using Snowflake’s Tagging functionality to manage costs, RunAway uses tags to further control query costs. All of this is directly accomplished within Slack.

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