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Supply Chain & EDI Challenges Faced by Retailers During COVID-19

As a retailer, you're constantly striving to meet goals and avoid squandering any revenue.

To accomplish that means having full visibility into your supply chain, where your inventory is, and how long it's take to get to you—even during times of a disruption.

That's why it's necessary to operate free from avoidable delays and be empowered by your tools to address daily business challenges.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • More about current supply chain challenges retail companies are facing as a result of COVID-19
  • How many retail companies are lacking complete order life cycle visibility and the effect is has on operational efficiency
  • 5 changes you can make to achieve better visibility across your company and your suppliers to manage your supply chain more effectively
  • How to save time and money by identifying systemic delays, problem suppliers, and empowering everyone to see problems and solve them

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Thomas Minnick, Senior Analytics Consultant at CoEnterprise

Thomas has been an Analytics/BI consultant, working across multiple industry verticals, for more than six years. He emphasizes visual analytics that reliably produce actionable intelligence.


Jennifer Tattenbaum Headshot

Jennifer Tattenbaum, VP of Product at CoEnterprise

Jennifer is a passionate product leader and strategist. She leads the product development and road map for Syncrofy.