ALDI's Tableau Journey

From Producing Reports to Producing Dynamic Information -
Retail & the Art of the Possible!


Join Aldi and CoEnterprise on their journey to transform analytics for store and warehouse operations. Learn how real-time store visibility saved hundreds of hours, aligned divisions and dramatically increased Aldi’s ROI.

In this FREE on-demand webinar we will:
  • Show you how real-time store visibility saved hundreds of hours
  • Discuss how Aldi was able to dramatically increase ROI 
  • Examine how alignment across Aldi's divisions benefited the entire company 

Event Speakers


Derek Russo
Finance & Administration


Derek is the National Director of Finance and Administration for ALDI. In 2008, Derek Russo began his ALDI career as a District Manager in Upstate, NY. In 2014, he became Regional Director of Finance & Administration in TX, then National Director of Finance & Administration at ALDI's US headquarters in 2019.


Adam Nathan 
Solutions Engineering


Adam is the Director of Solutions Engineering at CoEnterprise, a Tableau Premier Partner. With over two decades in data warehousing, business intelligence, and advanced analytics, he loves the challenge of helping clients in the adoption and growth of their business intelligence and analytics platforms.

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