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Examining the Impact of Coronavirus on Supply Chain & EDI Teams:
What You Can Do Now to Improve Visibility, Efficiency, and Become Future-Proof

During these unprecedented times, it has never been more crucial to identify the risks and impact Coronavirus has had on your supply chain.

We’ve learned a lot over the past few months and wanted to share some insight from our high-profile clients on what they’re doing to prepare for getting back to business and the next black swan event.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The impact and challenges supply chain and EDI teams are facing due to COVID-19
  • How companies are lacking complete supply chain visibility and the effect it has on operational efficiency
  • Changes supply chain and EDI teams are making today to improve visibility across all tiers of the supply chain
  • What supply chain and EDI teams should consider when planning for future crises

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Thomas Minnick, Senior Analytics Consultant at CoEnterprise

Thomas has been an Analytics/BI consultant, working across multiple industry verticals, for more than six years. He emphasizes visual analytics that reliably produce actionable intelligence.


Jennifer Tattenbaum Headshot

Jennifer Tattenbaum, VP of Product at CoEnterprise

Jennifer is a passionate product leader and strategist. She leads the product development and road map for Syncrofy.