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Getting Back to Business:
Discover How Tableau Dashboards Can Help You Through the Process

Having the latest COVID-19 data at your fingertips to ensure you’re in compliance with new regulations is a challenge businesses are faced with. As you prepare to get back to business and consider opening or reopening your branches or stores, having the data you need readily available is essential.

CoEnterprise, in partnership with Tableau, has created back to business dashboards containing critical data to help you better analyze the risks associated with opening your stores.

Watch the on-demand webinar to see the COVID-19 Tableau dashboard in action highlighting:

  • The risks associated with opening your stores now or in the future
  • Ways to help you stay informed of and comply with local requirements
  • How to ensure you have the proper resources to reopen your business
  • Data to monitor for COVID-19 status/readiness so you can act quickly if conditions change


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Kayla Grieme, Analytics Sales Engineer at CoEnterprise 




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Scott Strool, Analytics Solution Engineer at CoEnterprise