CPG and F&B Supply Chains: How New Visibility Tools Make Them Run Faster, Cost Less



Long before we were faced with a global pandemic, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and food and beverage (F&B) companies have been dealing with several supply chain and market-related hurdles that forced them to begin rethinking how to adapt for long-term success.

The idea of using data to manage everyday challenges is no secret. It’s just that many companies haven’t yet found a way to achieve the visibility required to get the most out of that data–in part because they may think they’re maximizing it when in fact they haven’t even scratched the surface of its potential. 

This eBook will examine how to leverage real-time data to:
  • Improve accounts receivable by 25%
  • Speed-up time to receive per shipment by 70%
  • Manage customer compliance risks to eliminate fees and chargebacks; typically totaling 2% of your top line revenue
  • Manage supplier accountability and operationalize compliance programs like ASN, OTIF, and expiration to increase sales opportunities by 35%  

Learn how to quickly adapt to challenges, meet the demands of your customers, drive business growth, and sustain long-term success in this ebook.

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