Building A Customer Compliance Program That Reduces Chargebacks, Improves Collaboration, & Recoups Profits.



Improve chargeback management. Enable collaboration. Maximize revenue.

It’s every supplier’s worst nightmare. You do everything right but chargebacks keep recurring and eating into your profits. As supply chain data and EDI become more accessible, commonplace and refined, your customers are better positioned to penalize noncompliance and rely on fully automated processes to issue chargebacks. If you aren’t using an equally automated and intuitive supply chain platform, you’re not competing on a level playing field.

This eBook will examine how to upgrade your customer compliance program to:
  • Monitor & track adherence to customer's compliance initiatives
  • Empower your internal teams & communicate across companies, departments, & disparate systems
  • Configure trading partner compliance rules & model customer SLAs to mitigate violations before they become a fine
  • Verify chargebacks/violations & quickly share data to dispute & settle 

Learn how to quickly adapt to challenges, drive business growth, and sustain long-term success in this ebook.

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